Set Up a Strong Sea Wall in the Morehead City & Emerald Isle, NC Area

Reach out to us for residential sea wall repairs and installations

When you live by the ocean, the sea can relentlessly wear away at your land each and every day. A sea wall is a very important structure that can protect your property from strong waves and coastal erosion. That's why Grady's Improvements offers vertical sea wall installation services in Morehead City, Emerald Isle, NC and the surrounding area.

Don't lose your shoreline - trust us to install a wall to protect your precious waterfront property. If you need residential sea wall repair services, we offer those too. Just call 252-289-8593 now to make an appointment.

Learn a little more about sea walls

Before you hire us, you may have a few questions about sea walls. Luckily, we have answers to commonly asked questions, such as:

  • What are sea walls made out of? Sea walls can be made out of wood, composite or vinyl.
  • What are the three types of sea walls? We’re prepared to do mound, curved wall and vertical sea wall installations.
  • What's the purpose of a sea wall? These walls prevent coastal erosion due to storm surges, wave action and flooding.

If you have additional questions about our residential sea wall repair or installation services, contact us today.